Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein Chocolate 840g

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Harmonized Vegan Protein is an excellent source of complete protein and is ideal for anyone wishing to increase their protein intake while avoiding dairy or animal source proteins. Individually, the proteins make their own unique contribution to the overall formula. In combination they provide the full spectrum of both essential and nonessential amino acids along with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fibre, EFAs and antioxidants.

Harmonized Vegan Protein has been professionally formulated and energetically tested and contains no artificial ingredients of any kind. It has also been fortified with a blend of complementary support nutrients designed to help ensure optimal digestion, utilization and compatibility including kidney and liver support.

Contains Five Unique Proteins:

* Yellow Pea Protein: A True Digestibility Source of 98% * Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein: Offers a Higher Concentration of Vitamins & Minerals Than Non-Sprouted Forms. * Organic Hemp Protein: Rich in Albumin, Renowned for its Free Radical Scavenging Properties * Cranberry Seed Protein: Has Potent Antioxidant Properties. * Chia Protein: A Rich Source of Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Antioxidants and EFAs.

The Support Nutrients:

* Plant Enzymes: Enhance the Breakdown of Protein During the Early Stages of Digestion * Betula Pubescens: Supports Liver Function which Helps to ensure that the Protein is Efficiently Processed and Utilized so The Full Benefits can be Enjoyed. * K-R-Alpha Acid (The Most Stable and Effective Form): Assists in the Transport of Protein from the Bloodstream into the Cells. * Wild Crafted Sea Vegetables: Rich in Trace Minerals and Have an Alkalizing Effect on the Body.

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