AOR Glycine, 500 g

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  • Enhances memory function
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Important for bone health
  • Anti-inflammatory

Powerful Simplicity
Glycine is the simplest of the bodys amino acids. Despite its small size, it has very important roles in a number of biological functions including memory development, healthy thought patterns, collagen synthesis, and normal cell development. It is needed for the production of several important proteins and enzymes and is essential for detoxification.
Memory and Mental Health
Glycines effects on memory were demonstrated in a study of healthy students and middle-aged men who benefited from significantly improved memory and sustained attention after supplementation. Glycine also helps deal with some of the speech, mood and social sideeffects of schizophrenia.
Good Things Come in Little Packages
Glycines benefits go far beyond memory and mental health. It increases levels of human growth hormone (hGC) whose age-related loss in the body contributes to a number of aging symptoms. Glycine also helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps block tumor growth, protects the brain and is important for bone health. It has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. Considering its small size, this conditionally essential amino acid has an amazing range of health benefits.

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