Tips for travelling

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Whether you are going for that long-awaited vacation or that important business trip, you want to stay feeling great to make the most of your time away.You’ll be dealing with eating away, Sleeping in a different place, the journey itself, and of course, you don’t want to catch a strange bug while you are away. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help feel your best while dealing with the pleasures and pressures of travelling.

Keep yourself hydrated:
Have a water bottle with you, and drink from it continuously. We often talk about drinking 6-8 cups of water a day, but while travelling even more may be needed. It is easy to get dehydrated sitting on a plane with recirculating air or if you are spending time in a hot climate.

Watch what you eat:
When we go to far-away places, we are presented with the luxury of different food , often in more-than-abundant quantities. How can we enjoy these taste sensations without the feeling of overindulgence?
Digestive enzymes can be a handy tool to reduce the chance of suffering from gas or bloating or other symptoms of maldigestion. Find a good one with high quantities of numerous different enzymes to help digest Proteins , fats, cellulose, starches, and more. With a larger meal, take more enzymes.

Choose eating patterns that avoid indigestion:
Eat lightly. If eating in a restaurant that offers enormous meals, why not ask for a half portion? Or split a plate with a travelling companion? Take only small portions at a scrumptious buffet, and you will still be able to try a multitude of wonderful foods.

Take your time when you eat:
Resist being tantalized by that 700-calorie dessert after an already big meal. If you are looking for something sweet, this may be a chance for you to try some of the fruit grown locally. If you do find your stomach upset, try taking some ginger or some peppermint to calm your stomach, they’re also good for motion sickness.

Get a good night’s sleep:
It is important to get a good Sleep ,whether at home or away. If you do not sleep well in another bed, some natural Health products may help. Be cautious after taking something to help you sleep; don’t do anything like driving that requires a high level of attention.
Consider a formulation that includes herbs like valerian, passionflower, and hops; or Magnesium , a muscle relaxant; or 5-HTP, a derivative of tryptophan, theAmino Acids in turkey that makes us so relaxed after Thanksgiving dinner; or homeopathic products.

Build up your immune system:
One of the best defences we have against picking up a bug when we are away is to build up our Immune system before we go. Take probiotics for a few weeks or months ahead of time, they build up the good bacteria in your gut that help with your immune system, Digestion, and more.
When the ‘good bugs’ are flourishing, it is harder for the ‘bad bugs’ to take over. And if you do pick up a bug, probiotics can be beneficial to help you get rid of ‘Montezuma’s revenge’. Taking probiotics regularly is a good idea. Of course, wash your hands before you eat (or use a hand sanitizer) and be selective where and what you eat.

Keep yourself active:
Why not walk somewhere for supper? The hotel clerk or concierge will be able to tell you where and when it is safe to walk. On vacation, you may be blessed with being able to walk down a beautiful beach. Some may choose to check out the hotel fitness centre. Whatever you choose, activity will help boost both your mood and your immune system.

And with all the challenges of travelling, try to keep your cool:
Practice deep breathing. Even if waiting for a late flight or sitting in traffic, look around and see what there is to appreciate. Perhaps it is watching a family wait in the flight lounge, or thinking about the pleasures awaiting you at your destination.

Breathe deeply, enjoy the present moment, and have a wonderful journey.

Heather Allsop, B.Sc., Ph.D., RNCP