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Iron Supplements

Brief Description of Iron Supplements

Iron vitamin is an important mineral that is needed for red blood cell production. Iron vitamin is essential for preventing low iron. Iron vitamin plays an important role in the production of red blood cells. When the diet is low in iron, supplementing may be necessary. There are a number of iron supplements and iron formulations used to treat and prevent iron deficiency anemia. Some of the best iron supplements will also include cofactors like vitamin B12, Folate and vitamin C to help increase the absorption and effectiveness of the iron supplement. Natural iron supplements are easy on the stomach, well absorbed and won’t cause constipation.

What are Iron Supplements Products Used For?

It’s important the body has healthy levels of iron in the body for many functions in the body besides being necessary for making hemoglobin and myoglobin, iron also helps support the immune system, for the production of collagen and for converting beta carotene to vitamin E. Common uses of iron:
  • Menstruating Women, Heavy Periods
  • During Pregnancy and Nursing Mothers
  • Iron Deficiencies Anemia
  • Poor Digestion and Mineral Absorption
  • Blood Loss Due to Menstruation
  • Poor Diet, Malabsorption

Types of Iron Supplements Products

Iron minerals are separated in two categories, heme (from red meat) or non-heme (non-animal source). Iron supplements are available in Iron tablets, Iron pills and liquid iron. Also available for children is a non-staining chewable iron. A good iron supplement may include vitamin B12, folate and or vitamin C or will require adding these for extra therapeutic support.
  • Iron Tablets
  • Iron Capsules
  • Heme Iron-found in Red Meat, Most Absorbable Form
  • Liver Organ-great Animal Source, High in Heme Iron, Folic Acid, B Vitamins, Selenium, Choline and Zinc, Most Absorbable Form.
  • Ferrous Sulfate
  • Ferrous Gluconate
  • Iron Citrate
  • Iron Bisglycinate

Pros & Cons of Using Iron Supplements

  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Does Not Cause Constipation
  • Takes Minimum 3 Months for Iron Levels to Stabilize
  • May Need to Also Supplement with Vitamin C and or Vitamin B12 to Improve Efficacy
  • Liquid Iron Can Stain Teeth So Brush Teeth After to Prevent Staining

Top Iron Products Brands & USPs

There are several effective iron supplements to help increase your energy and boost your iron. Here are some of the best iron supplements:
  • NFH Heme Iron Sap/NFH Iron Sap
  • Thorne Ferrasorb
  • Designs for Health Ferrochel Iron Chelate
  • Bio Lonreco Multi-vit+iron
  • AOR Ortho Iron
  • Pure Encapsulated Iron Liquid
  • Metagenics Hemagenics
  • Cyto Matrix Bio Ferra
  • Pure Lab Carbonyl Iron
  • Platinum Easy Iron
  • New Roots Pure Liver Organ

Why Choose Nature's Source to Buy Iron Supplements?

If you’re looking for the best iron supplement, Nature’s Source and Nature’s Signature you can find the best iron supplements with the highest efficacy for the greatest results. Whether you need

Frequently Asked Questions About Iron Supplements

When Should I Take Iron Pills Morning or Night?

Iron can be taken morning or night, but if you take an iron vitamin in the morning can promote more energy, focus and clarity.

What Are the Side Effects of Iron Pills?

Iron supplement side effects can appear a little hard on the stomach for those with sensitive stomachs, so taking with food can prevent this.

Is It Ok to Take an Iron Supplement Every Day?

If your iron levels are low, you should definitely take it daily to achieve greater results.

What Are the Symptoms of Too Much Iron Vitamin?

Symptoms of taking too much iron can result as nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. Taking too much iron for a long period of time can be harmful.

What Is the Dosage of the Iron Supplements?

For correct dosage, follow the instructions on the label or follow the direction of a health care practitioner.

How Do You Know If Iron Pills Are Working?

For some individuals can feel a boost of energy with the first dose, however this may not be the case for everyone. It may take a few weeks before symptoms begin to decrease. In order to stabilize the iron levels a course of minimal 3 months is necessary.

How Much Iron Vitamin Do You Need a Day?

This will depend on your iron levels, and circumstances. Speak with a health care practitioner, or one of our educated staff for guidance of the best iron pills for you.

What are Iron Supplement Side Effects?

Iron supplement side effects are not too common, but can occur. One may experience nausea, vomiting and/or stomach pain.