Winter Skincare Tips That You Should Follow for a Glowing Skin

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This winter with the freezing temperatures, low humidity, and the inside furnace blasting dry air, you may have found your skin has become very dry, flaky, and/or itchy. Everyone needs to protect their skin. It is our largest and most porous organ and paying attention to what we soak it in or smear on our bodies is very important. Why? There is evidence of the skin’s ability to spread what it touches throughout our entire body and bloodstream. In an attempt to clear up dry skin, we are slathering our bodies with the latest anti-aging moisturizer creams that sometimes contain harmful toxins and further aggravating pre-existing skin conditions. They may help improve the look and feel of your skin, however, in order to improve our complexion, we will need to decrease the free radicals from occurring. Many skin care products on the market contain parabens and because the layers of the skin act like a strainer it can penetrate into the body.


A few guidelines when considering what daily health/beauty products to purchase:

  • Avoid parabens and phthalates in all products. As for perfumes/colognes, gear towards essential oils that contain no alcohol.
  • Be aware of toners that contain alcohol. Alcohol-based toners disturb the pH level of your skin leaving itmore dry than it was in the first place!
  • Use products that contain hyaluronic acid which provides structural support to the skin while retaining its moisture.
  • Supplement with fish oils, start with 2-3 grams per day to add moisture to your skin, feeling smoother and younger. It has been shown to help with conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema.
  • Check for food allergens that may be causing your dry or irritated skin.

Come into Nature’s Source and we will answer any other concerns and advise you on which skin products to use.