What Is Apple Cider Vinegar, Really?

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar, Really?
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Apple Cider Vinegar is nothing new. In fact, it is decades old. It is tried and true. And Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar is the same recipe that Paul Bragg crafted years ago. It is organic, Kosher and non-GMO. And it’s been a cornerstone in the wellness journeys for generations. 

But how is it made? What is acetic acid? And what’s the ‘Mother’?  And why does is matter?
Let’s start with how Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar is made. It is a two-step process. 

First up: Fermentation #1:

During this phase of fermentation, crushed organic apples or apple juice sugars are naturally fermented into alcohol. Bragg adds no additives or sugars to expedite the fermentation process. We let time to do the trick, which can take several weeks. 

Second up: Fermentation #2:

During this second phase, we grow the ‘Mother’. The alcohol that’s created in the first phase of fermentation is consumed by already present microorganisms or acetic bacteria, that we call the ‘Mother.’ When that consumption is combined with exposure to oxygen (or aerobic fermentation), it transforms the alcohol to acetic acid. 

And Finally:

Apple Cider Vinegar. The evolution from apple juice sugars to acetic acid is the critical process that gives apple cider vinegar its myriad of benefits. However, the commitment to an all-natural process with no additives or shortcuts is why Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar has been the beloved daily dose of wellness for generations.  It’s the reason, in every bottle of Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar, consumers can count on getting 750 mg of acetic acid in every serving.

Now, what is the ‘Mother’?

As mentioned above, the ‘Mother’ is actually the acetic acid bacteria. The sediment at the bottom of Apple Cider Vinegar bottles is often mistaken as the ‘Mother.’ But because the ‘Mother’ is a group of microorganisms, they are literally invisible to the naked eye. The sediment that settles at the bottom of Apple Cider Vinegar products is unfiltered pieces of crushed apples or a byproduct of fermentation of the ‘Mother’ - but not the ‘Mother’ itself. When the ‘Mother’ creates strands after consuming alcohol into acetic acid, these strands get all tangled together to create a byproduct of a strong network of living bacteria and fiber. The natural byproducts can show up in a bottle as fibrous cellulose cloud-like material. So how do you know it’s live ‘Mother?’ Because Bragg ensures it by testing every batch produced. The Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar recipe has always been formulated with 5% acidity. And it’s that 5% acidity that has made Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar the trusted wellness sidekick since its inception.

To sum it all up, Apple Cider Vinegar is simply the result of twice-fermented apples or apple juice.  And because, Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar is made with organic apples and naturally fermented by the 'Mother' to create acetic acid, the opportunities to thrive on your wellness journey are endless. Not to mention, the ways you can use Apple Cider Vinegar are plentiful: a daily dose of wellness, a cooking ingredient, a cleaning alternative, a skincare routine, and even a dog shampoo! 

So go ahead, get your bottle of Bragg Original Apple Cider Vinegar and follow Bragg on social media to discover the endless ways to better your wellness routines every day.

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