Water: Your Life’s Foundation

Most of us take it for granted, but have you ever taken a moment to stop and think just how important water really is? It is a vital substance for the Earth and the human body. You can go weeks without food but only 5-7 days without water. It is involved in almost every bodily function such as circulation, digestion, absorption and elimination of wastes and is a primary component of all bodily fluids such as the blood, lymph, digestive juices, urine, sweat and tears.

Water carries electrolytes and minerals salts and also an immense ability to heal. 81% of our blood stream is water and when toxins enter the environment it makes its way inside our bodies. Without clean water we cannot experience optimal health. Although water purification plants take steps to minimize toxins, toxic compounds are present at potentially health-damaging levels. Just in the USA alone, over 1,000 potentially toxic compounds have been identified in our water supply. These toxins have been indirectly linked to many chronic degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancer, infertility, Parkinson’s and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

It is therefore important to choose our drinking water wisely when it comes to health; The best water to drink is from the natural springs or wells, although this is more difficult for us city dwellers who do not have access to these sources. While most of us live in cities with municipal tap water from treatment plants, it is important we find a purification program that is water-efficient and cost effective which will protect us from water pollution.

Mary Ann Oria Marsala, Nature’s Source Maple Store CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT-CPTN) Personal Training Specialist (CanFit Pro)