NutraSea Kids Omega-3 Bubble Gum (500ml)

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Delicious vitamin-enhanced omega-3 fish oil for kids.

Kids need omega-3. Lucky for them (and you), our NutraSea Kids omega-3 supplement tastes so great, theyll love taking it every day! NutraSea Kids is specially formulated for children with an optimal blend of EPA, DHA, and GLA, plus vitamin D.

It can be tough getting kids to eat a healthy and balanced diet, let alone convincing them to take anything they perceive as medicine. Thats why we made NutraSea Kids omega-3 fish oil in a delicious bubble gum flavour that theyll look forward to taking. We use all natural flavours to simulate the taste of bubble gum, so you can rest assured your child is only getting good stuff in their omega-3 product.

Each serving of NutraSea Kids fish oil contains 320mg EPA, 200mg DHA, and 50mg GLA, as well as 500 IU of vitamin D. Just one teaspoon a day is all your child needs for a full serving of omega-3 and vitamin D.

Research has shown the benefits of omega-3 and -6 supplementation in children include:

  • General well-being
  • Improved brain and eye development
  • Supports cognitive health

The benefits of vitamin D supplementation in children are well documented!

  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Immune system support

50mg GLA, 200mg DHA, 320mg EPA per teaspoon

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