Distripharm Kidz Constipation 25ml

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Alumina : Atonic constipation, slow digestive transit.
Causticum : Digestive transit paralysis with constipation, defecation difficulties, loss of rectal sensitivity.
Lycopodium : Infant digestive problems, gas emission, meteorism in umbilical region, thin and elongated stools.
Magnesia muriatica : Hepatic and digestive syndrome with constipation, dehydrated stool.
Milk intolerance.
Nux vomica : Constipation with ineffectual urging and tenesmus. The stools are hard and ­incompletely evacuated. Abdomen sensitivity during walking. Painful and difficult digestion.
Sepia officinalis : Sensation of abdominal emptiness. Atonic constipation. Bearing down in the abdomen.
Bryonia alba : The abdominal wall is tense, sensitive to touch and calmed by pressure. Painful bloating, constipation with large, hard and dry stools.

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