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Bach Flower WIllow Benefits:

Bach flower remedies Willow is a solution for people who feel bitterness or resentment over the past. The Bach Willow state leaves patients feeling jealousy when others’ success rivals their own, or when other people are happier than the patient regarding their lives. The Bach Willow type isolates themselves because of their bitterness and unwillingness to “let it out”. The Bach Willow flower essence allows patients to let go of their resentment and work towards a positive outlook on life.

How to take bach flower remedies:

For short term problems, squeeze 2 drops of selected remedy into a glass of water, and sip as often as required until relief is felt. For chronic problems, create a personalized mixture of bach flower remedies in a 30ml bottle, and squeeze 4 drops into a glass of still water, taken 4 times daily.
Patients can also take the remedy direct to the tongue, without diluting them. Simply squeeze 2 drops directly on the tongue. However, this is the most expensive way and tastes strongly like brandy, thus it is not strongly recommended.

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