AOR Total E 60 Softgels

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Complete, Balanced Vitamin E Supplementation

  • Contains all 8 vitamin E molecules
  • Fights oxidants
  • Suppresses inflammation
  • Reduces the risk of heart failure

Vitamin E Plays as a Team.
Vitamin E is not just one vitamin, but is made up of a complex of 8 distinct molecules (four tocopherols and four tocotrienols), all of which have unique functions.
Everyone Has a Role
Tocotrienols reduce cholesterol synthesis and are powerful antioxidants. Gamma tocopherol detoxifies free radicals that could contribute to Alzheimer's disease, suppresses inflammation and may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Other vitamin E molecules lower cholesterol and bloodpressure. As an extra boost, coenzyme Q10 is included to recharge vitamin E molecules when they are deactivated by oxidants.
Don't Lose Your Balance
Vitamin E supplements often put the focus on alpha-tocopherol. However, alpha-tocopherol alone lacks the abilities of the other members of the complex. Both tocopherols and tocotrienols are important for health. Unbalanced alpha-tocopherol supplementation has even been shown to deplete the body of other E molecules, negating many of their benefits! AOR's Total E is the first balanced and complete E-complex supplement, ensuring that you don't lose out on any of the health benefits provided by the full E team.

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