Vega One Protein Mocha 836g

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What are the benefits of Vega Mocha protein powder?

The Vega One nutritional shake in mocha gives you the benefits of protein, fiber, greens and much more, while still tasting great. One scoop of the Vega mocha protein is full of antioxidants, omega-3s and probiotics.
Vega sport mocha reviews have said this provides you with energy throughout the day and helps with loss weight. Many have said that is tastes great, fills you up and reduces your cravings for something sweet.
If you have already tried out the Vega One mocha, try out the some of the other flavors:
  • Berry
  • Natural
  • Vanilla Chai
  • French Vanilla
  • Coconut Almond
  • Chocolate

Are there side effects with Vega One Mocha?

There are not many Vega One mocha reviews that have indicated side effects with this product; however, potential side effects might include stomach aches and sometimes bloating.

How do I use Vega All In One?

Mix one scoop with water, juice, a smoothie or any non-dairy drink.
Pea protein, whole flaxseed (micro-milled), organic acacia gun (naturally occurring fiber), hemp protein, saviseed™ (sacha inchi) protein, organic gelatinized maca root, organic broccoli, organic spirulina, organic kale, organic marine algae calcium, fruit and vegetable blend (spinach, broccoli, carrot, beet tomato, apple, cranberry, orange, blueberry and/or bilberry, strawberry, shitake mushroom), chlorella vulgaris (cracked whole cell), papaya extract, probiotics (bacilus coagulans [provides 1 billion cfu/serving]), antioxidant fruit blend (grape seed extract, Organic pomegranate, açai, mangosteen, organic goji, organic maqui), natural chocolate flavour, natural vanilla flavour natural caramel flavour, natural hazelnut flavour, stevia extract, citric acid)

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