Pukka Tea Chamomile Vanilla & Manuka Honey - 20 Tea Bags

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Time to take a moment to recharge

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Tea is a peaceful herbal tea promoting yourself to take a moment, feel calm and experience inner peace. This tea is 100% caffeine-free.  

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Tea is made from 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients, including: chamomile flower, sweet fennel seed, licorice root, vanilla pod, manuka honey flavour. Together these ingredients provide gentle herbs to support the feeling calmness when times of chaos and clutter appear. Manuka honey contains a non-organic antioxidant ascorbic acid.

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Tea is completely vegan, kosher, and free of soya, wheat, diary, gluten, and caffeine. This tea comes in a box of 20 individual wrapped sachets.

Suggested Use: Open tea bag and pour hot water into a mug or travel mug and enjoy.


Chamomile flower (68%)


Sweet fennel


Licorice root


Vanilla pod (3.5%)


Manuka honey flavour (3.5%) – contains non-organic antioxidant: ascorbic acid.


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