Bach Larch 20 ml

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Bach Flower Larch Benefits:

Bach flower remedies Larch is a remedy that helps people with low self-confidence. Their lack of confidence prevents them from taking risks in hopes of not failing at all. The Bach Larch flower personality sees only the limits on their lives that are either placed on them by outside forces or by internal lack of confidence. Larch bach flower remedy helps patients move forward with their lives regardless of success or failure. Patients who have taken larch bach remedy find themselves able to take on new tasks with an objective and positive view.

How to take bach flower remedies:

For short term problems, squeeze 2 drops of selected remedy into a glass of water, and sip as often as required until relief is felt. For chronic problems, create a personalized mixture of bach flower remedies in a 30ml bottle, and squeeze 4 drops into a glass of still water, taken 4 times daily.
Patients can also take the remedy direct to the tongue, without diluting them. Simply squeeze 2 drops directly on the tongue. However, this is the most expensive way and tastes strongly like brandy, thus it is not strongly recommended.

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