AOR Ortho Core 180 Veg-Caps

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Advanced, Balanced and Comprehensive Supplementation

  • Supports overall health and well being
  • Contains superior forms of nutrients in efficient dosages
  • Provides balanced vitamins and minerals
  • Provides phytonutrients for extra health benefits

Complete and Active Vitamins
OrthoCore contains a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It includes vitamin A with optimal doses of various carotenoids. It contains B vitamins in their active forms, and vitamin C along with various bioflavonoids. It also contains all 8 vitamin Es, all of which have important roles and balance each other.
The Cutting Edge of Health
Minerals in OrthoCore include zinc and copper in a balanced ratio, and important trace minerals such as boron, silicon and vanadium. To give the formula an extra edge, OrthoCore contains a number of health-enhancing phytonutrients backed by science including grape seed extract, EGCG from green tea, R+ lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10.
Superior Forms and Balanced Doses
Modern diets are largely deficient in essential nutrients, and multivitamin supplements are an attractive solution. However, randomly mixing nutrients together in massive or unbalanced doses is not necessarily beneficial, and can even be harmful, especially if the nutrients are not from quality sources. AORs OrthoCore contains superior forms of nutrients with balanced dosages based on scientific studies, ensuring that the nutrients work synergistically toward optimal health.

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