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SuperHuman Recovery Protein - Grass Fed Whey Isolate Protein, Carbohydrate & Vitamin Blend

Most of the market is moving towards no sugar much like our other products. However, for a recovery product, sugar is listed as a medicinal ingredient. After a workout, sugar is a proven method to help replenish that lost glycogen in muscles and help shuttle amino acids into the muscle cells, thus providing a true recovery. This type of recovery also helps cut down on muscle soreness and helps build and repair body tissues.

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SuperHumanStrength Recovery 1156g

Our Elite Series Recovery Protein Formula was created out of a need by strength coaches in professional sports. Due to many professional sports signing on to NSF Certification (This makes sure there are no banned substances in the products) strength coaches haven't had a many choices for safe products to choose from that were also natural. SuperHuman Recovery is an NSF Certified for Sport product that has been formulated using natural ingredients to allow the body to recover from a high intensity workout and provide the body all of the protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins that it wants. This product carriers a Canadian Natural Product Number. (NPN)

This product is perfect for athletes and also non-athletes that just want to exercise. Many people have found that they not only feel less depleted after consuming the Recovery protein formula, but also feel less sore the next day. Our Recovery has no artificial sweeteners or colors and you'll be a bit shocked by how good and refreshing it tastes after a workout, game or any other strenuous exercise.

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1156 grams(2.55 lbs) - 68.3 gram serving - 17 Servings

Recovery Elite Post Workout Formula by SuperHuman is a supplement that provides over 27g of pure New Zealand Whey Isolate protein, as well as 27g of our engineered carbohydrate matrix that includes; organic cane sugar, potato starch and pea starch, not to mention relevant doses of vitamins and minerals in each dose. Recovery contains unique ingredients that have been clinically proven to help restore and replenish energy. 

SuperHuman Recovery Protein contains a unique combination of carbohydrates that that create a cascade effect of absorption into depleted muscle cells after intense exercise. All of these ingredients are natural and from the purest sources available.

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