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St. Francis Globe Artichoke (50ml)

Artichoke, Globe(Cynara scolymus)• Used for gallstones and as a liver and gallbladder/bile stimulant and to support liver function• Used to reduce high cholesterol• Used as a digestive stimulant for dyspeptic syndrome• Used for irritable bowel syndrome• Used as a diuretic

Globe artichoke—not to be confused with the Jerusalem artichoke, which is a tuber—is a large thistle-like perennial that has been used medicinally from ancient times. The fleshy bracts of the immature flower are also commonly eaten as a vegetable.

Naturopathic physician William A. Mitchell, Jr. describes it as a “safe and effective remedy” that acts not only as a good hepatic antioxidant, but also as “a good remedy for sluggish gallbladder, gallbladder colic, and the nausea and pain associated with gallbladder disease.”

Cynarin, in Globe Artichoke, has very specific properties, being able to stimulate choleresis but at the same time also anti-toxic liver functions. This gives the globe artichoke a special position, for it combines liver and gallbladder activities.”

Globe artichoke is known to have yet another effect: a reduction in blood fats.... This opens up completely new avenues for the medicinal use of the globe artichoke. Practical experience has long since shown that this herbhas a lasting beneficial effect in gallstone disease. Now it can be explained. A close relationship between gallstone formation and cholesterol metabolism has been established for a long time, though it has not been possible to define it exactly. The recent findings relating to depression of serum cholesterol levels with artichoke extract suggest that there might be a causal effect on gallstone formation. Gallstone disease should thus become a major indication for globe artichoke in the future.”

This wonderfully useful tincture is an important ingredient in our Canadian Bittersâ„¢ formula and is made from the dried and fresh leaf of organic globe artichoke.

Administration: 60 drops (2 ml), three times daily, in a little water, before meals.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Consult a health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant, if you have gall stones, or if symptoms persist or worsen.

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