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St. Francis Deep Immune for Kids (50ml)

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What can Deep Immune do for you?

Extremely useful for auto-immune and immune deficiency disease

This combination acts to support healthy immune function in kids. The ingredients, astragalus and codonopsis, are considered qi tonic herbs in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and have hundreds of years of traditional use behind them. Modern clinical and laboratory work has confirmed that they are especially effective for boosting immune function.

This combination has, as a primary purpose:

To improve immune function and decrease the tendency to frequent colds, flu and infection, and to provide children with the immune building blocks to a healthy adulthood.

The combination of codonopsis and astragalus as a qi tonic is popular in China for restoring normal health after debilitating illness, injuries, surgery or childbirth. In addition to its ability to normalize the physiology after such stresses, these herbs also influences immune disorders. Virtually all the qi tonics have the ability to enhance production of white blood cells and enhance immune attack.

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Age Group Children
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