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Schinoussa Sea Vegetables Berry Antioxidants with E3 Live (270g)

Schinoussa Sea VegetablesBerry antioxidants has seven powerhouse superfoods algae combined in a raw living state with wild crafted flax powder.

Berry antioxidants has seven powerhouse superfoods algae combined in a raw living state with wild crafted flax powder. The seven algae work in synergy to provide the body with all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals called xanthins. The richness of nutrients in Schinoussa make it a leading premium product. Spirulina is known as a complete food providing all amino acids, and high in B vitamins. It is also the most absorbable form of B's, better than animal source. Chlorella is the most powerful source of chlorophyll, better than any land grass. Heavy metal, detox and blood purifying benefits are true to chlorella. Irish Moss, Dulse and Red Marine Algae are high in all the trace minerals and powerful antioxidants. These work in synergy to provide all the xanthins needed to have anti-aging and disease preventative nutrients. The immune system is the key to great health. Algae contains all the natural nutrients needed to keep the immune system strong and healthy. Wild crafted flax is not a filler! It is a soluble and insoluble fiber added to absorb toxins, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and pollutants out of the digestive system when algae do there detox process. This unique formula helps to prevent detox symptoms. Only 1 tsp (4.5) per day is recommended. 2 tsp is for those who build up to it or need it for therapeutic purposes.

Added: Wild exotic berries.

The sea vegetable and berry combination was created for advanced lifestyles. Athletes, seniors or those recovering form injury need extra antioxidants to produce faster healing and recovery effects. Each selected berry offers its own healing benefits. Energy, digestion, reduced aging, reduced stress, cleansing are some of the natural benefits. Heart, lungs, brain and many other organs benefit from the purity of these berries.

Benefits are: - Energy - Brain health - pH balance - detox - repair tissue - immune support - anti viral/ bacterial - anti-aging - weight loss

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