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Renew Life The Skinny Gut Diet Book

You lose weight… and gain it back. Carb and sugar cravings are a constant battle. What are you doing wrong? The answer is closer than you think. The Skinny Gut Diet uncovers the real reason why diets just don’t work. It’s called the gut factor – and it may be keeping you from lasting weight loss.

The Skinny Gut Diet is a new way of eating, and it’s simple once you make it a habit. Many people are struggling with weight gain, not because they can’t stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, not because they are lazy, and not because they have the wrong genes. They struggle with dieting because they are not taking into account the gut factor. If the gut is out of balance, lasting weight loss cannot be achieved. The Skinny Gut Diet addresses the gut factor by balancing your gut so that you can achieve – and maintain – your healthy weight.

What you will learn in The Skinny Gut Diet

Your Inner Weight-Loss Secret
An eye-opening look inside your digestive tract and how its function affects whether or not you lose weight and keep it off

Why Gut Balance Matters
An explanation about why the 100 trillion bacteria in your gut need to be in balance—and how they get out of balance in the first place

No Fads Or Deprivation
A step-by-step guide for balancing your gut and achieving lasting weight loss without fad diets or deprivation

10 Skinny Gut Test Cases
Follow the inspiring stories of 10 Skinny Gut dieters who experienced life-changing transformations

14-day Start-Up Food Plan
Follow three simple rules for weight-loss success, plus a 14-day start-up food plan and over 75 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes

Going Beyond Weight Loss
The long-term benefits of the Skinny Gut Diet go far beyond weight loss—look better and feel better from the inside out

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