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Purica Immune 7x (120c)

Immune 7x® is a potent immune formula containing 6 organic whole mushroom mycelia (nano-particles) and aqueous extracts in addition to Nutricol® & bromelain.

* Outstanding Immune-Enhancing Support * Potent blend of extracts from six medicinal mushrooms * Proprietary whole organic mushroom concentrated mycelia complex * Nutricol® - a proprietary blend of super strength antioxidants

The components of this high quality formulation have been shown in numerous studies to significantly strengthen the immune system. A robust immune system is instrumental in overcoming “dis-ease” and promoting optimal health. Immune 7x is a safe, potent dietary food supplement that improves overall immune performance and has proven beneficial in combination with mainstream invasive treatments. An Immunomodulator

Problems with the immune system come in two varieties:

* Underactive: Slow healing response, increased susceptibility to infections and dis-ease processes * Overactive: prone to allergies and autoimmune reactions, where the immune system is over stimulated and mistakenly attacks the body

Immunomodulators are substances that bring balance to either quiet or activate the immune system, as is needed. They regulate both the number of white blood cells and their ability to effectively assist the body. Powerful Active Ingredients

Immune 7x is a Full Spectrum product including mycelium, fruit, spores, primordial and extra cellular compounds. Purica's lab grown 5x Mushrooms offer exquisite support for healthy immunity.

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