Skin Essence Light Moisturizer (30 ml)

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Skin Essence Light Moisturizer 30ml

The unique extracts, essential oils and minerals chosen for this serum have not only a high nutritional value, but are also very light and fast absorbing. Many of the key ingredients contain anti-bacterial properties, which help to keep pores clean and clear preventing breakouts. This highly nutritional serum was specifically created for those with acne prone and/or oily skin types. 


  • Antiseptic Properties
  • Anti inflammatory properties
  • Heals and prevents acne
  • Bactericidal & fungicidal properties
  • Certified Organic


  • Always make sure the serum is well shaken before applying, so that all the key ingredients are present in each application
  • After cleansing with the Skin Essence Pure or Fresh Facial Cleanser, massage the Light facial moisturizer into the skin for approximately 10 to 20 seconds. This will ensure deep absorption of the ingredients.
  • Wait approximately 5 minutes before applying makeup

Ingredients: Jojoba Seed Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil, Orange Oil*, Eucalyptus Oil*, Lavender Flower Oil*, Lime Oil*, Geranium Oil*, Galbanum Oil*, Lemongrass Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E)*, Tea Tree Oil*

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