SISU MenoEase (Menopause Symptoms Relief) - 60 Veg Capsules

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It is part of human life that at a certain age, there will be a natural reduction in estrogen and progesterone. And when this happens, it will lead to a lot of symptoms including the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

The MenoEase is formulated with herbal ingredients that offer natural estrogen-supporting nutrients that helps in promoting hormonal balance. Studies show that most of the women who used this medicine have experienced symptoms relief in 7 days and with continuous use, improvements are seen for 3 months.

It alleviates menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, skin itching, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue and more without any increase in body weight as a side effect.

Recommended Dosage: Women should take 1 capsule twice a day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Caution & Warning: Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Non-medicinal Ingredients: croscarmellose sodium, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate (vegetable)




Giant angelica (Angelica gigas, root) 5:1 extract, QCE 450 mg


90 mg

Wilford’s cynanchum (Cynanchum wilfordii, root)

5:1 extract, QCE 417.5 mg

83.5 mg

Sok-dan (Phlomis umbrosa, root) 5:1 extract, QCE 417.5 mg

83.5 mg

Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa, root) 1.3:1 extract, QCE 52 mg

40 mg

Sage (Salvia officinalis, leaf) 5:1 extract, QCE 500 - 1000 mg

100 mg

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