Salus Floradix Liquid Iron & Vitamins Formula (500 ml)

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Salus Floradix is an herbal liquid iron supplement. Salus Floradix Formula a high-quality product made from carefully selected plants and ingredients. Nutrient-rich ingredients like carrots, spinach, juice of pears, and red grapes are selected based on effectiveness and digestibility. Salus Floradix is approved by Health Canada. It is made free of alcohol, artificial additives, synthetic preservatives, and lactose.

Salus Floradix is made with iron-rich whole foods and herbal extracts to provide iron gluconate, a highly soluble, iron compound that is easy on the digestive tract. The formula also includes co-factors such as vitamins to help enhance the absorption of the product into your body.

Iron is essential to the body! It is highly responsible for making hemoglobin, the protein within red blood cells that allow them to carry oxygen throughout the body. When your body lacks iron, it lacks hemoglobin, which means your tissues and muscles are deprived of oxygen; this means they won't work as effectively. Say so long to being sluggish, Salus Floradix is suitable for treating iron deficiencies.

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