Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea - 20 Tea Bags

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Naturally caffeinated anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich tea

Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea is a unique herbal golden glow tea that delivers anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. This tea will enhance your golden glow from the inside out and making you feel renewed.

It is made from 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients, including 40% of Turmeric root, 20% of Suoi Gang green tea, Licorice root, Cardamom pod, Lemon Vana tulsi leaf, 6% of Lemon essential oil flavour, and 6% of the whole lemon.

These ingredients come together to provide herbs that are high in antioxidants, promoting optimal gastrointestinal health, reducing inflammation, and have potential properties to help combat chronic diseases.

Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea naturally consists of caffeine from the use of green tea.

A glowing, spicy herbal tea

Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea is completely vegan, kosher, and free of soya, wheat, dairy, and gluten. This perfect golden tea comes in a box of 20 individually wrapped sachets.

Suggested Use: Open tea bag and pour hot water into a mug or travel mug and enjoy.


40% of Turmeric root


20% of Suoi Gang green tea


Licorice root


Cardamom pod


Lemon Vana tulsi leaf


6% of Lemon essential oil flavour


6% of whole lemon


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