Organic Traditions Super 5 Grass Juice Blend - 150g

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Certified organic 5 young grass blend

Organic Traditions Super 5 Grass Juice Blend is made from a combination of five 100% organic, sustainably grown and harvested young grasses. The five supertypes of grass are; Alfalfa, Kamut, Oat, Barley, and Wheat Grass.

Organic Traditions Super 5 Grass blend is grown in nutrient-dense soils outdoors under direct sunlight. These five types of grass are harvested at a young age while remaining in their vegetable state. Once juiced, it is dried through low-temperature technology that maintains its great nutrient profile and turns it into a powder form.

Nutrient-dense instant greens 

Organic Traditions Super 5 Grass Juice blend is easily digested into the body. It supplies great sources of vitamin B1 and B2, minerals, antioxidants, and chlorophyll. It provides 200 mg of potassium, 40 mg of calcium, 0.85 mg of iron, 30 mg of magnesium per three tablespoons. This five-grass blend also provides good sources of vitamins A, K and B12.

This amazing five-grass blend is a perfect way of getting your daily greens instantly. It can be easily added to any drink or smoothie of choice. It is also great to add into soups, salads dressings, pesto, dips and much more.

Suggested Use: Can be added to any beverage or smoothie. Used for pesto, soups, salad dressings and many more.


Organic Juice Powder (Alfalfa, Barely, Oat, Kamut, and Wheat Grass)  



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