Organic Traditions Berry Blast Antioxidant - 100g

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Powerhouse blend of nutritious, delicious berries

Organic Traditions Berry Blast Antioxidant is made up of a blend of four 100% organic powerhouse, nutritious berries. This berry blast blend contains organic blueberry powder, organic acai berry powder, organic dried maqui berry powder, and organic camu camu berry powder. Together these delicious berries provide a high amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, and aid in preventing cellular damage from free radicals.

Great source of vitamin C and antioxidants

Organic Traditions Antioxidant Berry Blast is a great source not only for antioxidants but also for vitamin C. It contains 38 mg per one teaspoon which is 42% of the suggested daily intake. Vitamin C and antioxidants help the body to fight off infections while lowering the risk of illness and diseases.

This berry blast has a delightful natural berry flavour and can be directly eaten out of the bag or is great to add to smoothies, chia puddings, and raw desserts. 

Suggested Use: Whisk one half – one teaspoon of matcha into one-two tablespoons of warm water to make a paste. Top of the paste with more warm water and consume.


Organic Blueberry powder


Organic Acai berry powder


Organic freeze dried maqui berry powder


Organic Camu Camu berry powder


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