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A healthy microbiome helps to:

  • Regulate blood glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance.
  • Provide short-chain fatty acids, an important glucose-independent source of energy.
  • Promote regularity.

Our colons are the ideal environment for these beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. But like a garden or lawn left without water or fertilizer, our gut flora and the microbiome inside can also be neglected. This allows harmful bacteria to take a foothold, leading to Dysbiosis and causing a plethora of problems. Sadly, the risk of developing Dysbiosis increases as we age.

Fortunately, it is easy to keep your gut microbiome happy and to prevent or reverse Dysbiosis – by supplementing your diet with prebiotics. In particular, MSPrebiotic® has been shown to reverse age-related changes in the gut microbiome and halt Dysbiosis.

By promoting the growth of healthy bacteria MSPrebiotic also increases the production of Butyrate. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that is absorbed and used as a glucose-independent source of energy. Furthermore, 70% of MSPrebiotic is functional fibre, meaning that supplementation with this prebiotic also contributes enormously to your recommended daily fibre intake.

Recommendations for Use:

MSPrebiotic® is a natural digestion-resistant starch produced from Solanum tuberosum tuber extract. This flavourless powder is vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and contains no GMOs.

You can add MSPrebiotic® to any cold or room-temperature beverage, including juice, water, smoothies, or shakes. Please note, MSPrebiotic® loses effectiveness when heated to 60°C or above, and is not suitable for the addition to hot beverages.

MSPrebiotic® will not dissolve in liquids but can be stirred into water or juice and consumed immediately afterwards. For best results, we recommend a ratio of 10g MSPrebiotic® to 80mL of liquid, followed by another 40mL of liquid alone. Adding MSPrebiotic® to a shake or smoothie prevents settling, meaning that these supplemented beverages can be consumed at your convenience.

Like all prebiotics and probiotics, MSPrebiotic feeds healthy bacteria in your colon. Rapid introduction of large amounts of prebiotics to your diet can be associated with bloating, gas, and discomfort.

We therefore, recommend that you introduce MSPrebiotic to your diet gradually, starting first with the beginner dose (1 teaspoon marked line indicated on enclosed scoop) daily for one week. You can then take a full scoop (1 Tablespoon) daily during the second week or simply move up to a two-teaspoon dose.

Depending on how it effects your body, you may continue to gradually increase your daily dose of MSPrebiotic. Supplementing with more than 30g of MSPrebiotic is not recommended.

MSPrebiotic is a safe, effective, and versatile prebiotic, making it easy for consumers to determine a dose and method of consumption that works best for you.



Maximize your performance using an untapped energy source. 

The problem: Many energy supplements offer carbohydrates formulated for long-term release, aiming to fuel activity through tough workouts, and are typically exhausted after an hour or so. These products all suffer from the same problem: once the carbs are digested and the glucose burned, the body turns to other energy stores such as fat. While good for weight loss, this outcome will not improve athletic performance.

The solution: There exists an untapped energy source that can help fortify energy levels and improve performance – Prebiotics. Our prebiotic resists digestion, while supporting the growth of healthy gut microbes which are live microorganisms. Bacteria break down prebiotics in the gut, creating byproducts such as short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) that are absorbed into the bloodstream and used by our body as an additional energy source. MSPrebiotic® has been clinically shown to increase the supply of SCFA’s in the body, providing this additional fuel.

The takeaway: MSPrebiotic® can be used alone, or in combination with alternative energy supplements, to provide a valuable, long-lasting energy boost without impacting blood sugar or insulin levels. Importantly, the breakdown of MSPrebiotic® into SCFA's is slow and the release of energy constant, in contrast to traditional energy supplements.


Striving toward our target fibre intake

The problem: Modern diets lack the Recommended Daily amount (RDA) of dietary fibre, which is associated with the development of serious diseases. In fact, most people ingest only 3 to 8g of fibre per day, which is largely due to the consumption of convenient but highly-processed foods.

Adding sufficient fibre into our diet is important for many reasons. It balances water absorption in our digestive tract, ensuring regularity. Beneficial gut microbes (the good bacteria in the gut) also feed on dietary fibre, in turn guarding against heart disease and helping to reduce inflammation in the body.

The solution: The improved health benefits associated with dietary fibre can be achieved by adding the prebiotic supplement to one's diet. MSPrebiotic is 70% dietary fibre, providing a simple, easy solution to bridge the fibre gap-- promoting regularity, maintaining heart health, and helping to reduce inflammation.

The takeaway: Every 10g scoop of MSPrebiotic® delivers 7g of dietary fibre. Since most adults require between 25 and 35g of fibre per day, that means the recommended 2 to 3 scoops of our prebiotic supplement can provide 60 – 80% of the RDA for fibre, depending on age and gender. Even a single scoop can double the prebiotic fiber intake for most people!


FODMAPs are small sugar-like molecules found in many foods that are poorly absorbed by the body and become fuel for the microbiome. FODMAPs can cause gas and bloating, especially in people with digestive issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). A Low FODMAP diet can help eliminate these triggers.

FODMAP Friendly certifies products that are low in FODMAPs, making it easy for consumers following a Low FODMAP diet to choose products that will not trigger symptoms. Products that bear the FODMAP Friendly logo have passed rigorous third-party laboratory testing.

While a Low FODMAP diet can improve quality of life for people with intestinal sensitivities, eliminating FODMAPs can lead to other digestive concerns because FODMAPs are prebiotics including - essential nutrients for the gut microbiome. Fortunately, MSPrebiotic® is a FODMAP Friendly prebiotic supplement, allowing consumers to supplement their digestive health with confidence.

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Elena B.
Truly care

I like MSPrebiiotic because it is a good brand and because they use potato starches as a mean to provide healthy natural prebiotics. Back at home we use a potato starch preparation to help the gut when inflamed and that's the reason why I started taking this product plus it is good quality.

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