Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seed 454g

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Hemp Seed Benefits:

Manitoba hemp hearts contain omega fatty acids, protein, and fiber. Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts include fatty acids essential for muscle and joint repair. Manitoba hemp hearts have a specific type of omega-6 that is anti-inflammatory in nature, helping those with asthma, muscle pain, and arthritis. they also contain nutrients such as vitamin-E, which supports overall heart health, as well as magnesium, which reduces muscle cramps.
Consult health care professional if you have concerns, or if you have cardiac issues or take blood thinners, as they can increase the risk of bleeding.

Where to buy Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts:

Manitoba hemp seeds and hemp hearts can be found at nature’s Source, and online store dedicated to bringing you the best quality nutritional products. Buy 2 Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and get $3.00 off plus free shipping!


Shelled hemp seed

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