AOR Rhodiola Rosea With Ginseng 60 Veg-Caps

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  • Enables the body to better cope with stressors
  • Enhances physical and mental performance
  • Supports mood
  • Helps prevent burnout

Dont Let Stress Get You Down
Rhodiola rosea and Panax ginseng are powerful adaptogens that strengthen the body against stressors and prevent overreactions which lead to burnout. Their key ingredients are salidrosides and ginsenosides, respectively, and these have been shown to help improve brain function, mental status and physical performance during stress.
How Do They Work?
Rhodiola supports the production of hormones and neurotransmitters that help cope with stress. Although the positive effects of Panax ginseng on improved mental performance, exercise endurance and physiological processes are well documented, the mechanisms of action of are not well understood, as is the case with many adaptogens.
Traditional Relief
Rhodiola has been rigorously studied and its benefits in supporting both the body and the mind in coping with stress have been shown again and again. Panax ginseng has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in other traditional herbal medicines to promote organ health, balance in the body and immunity. The combination of Rhodiola and Panax ginseng enhances the bodys ability to deal with stress appropriately and in a variety of manners, giving this pair a unique edge.

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