AOR LavaRox Immuno-Biotic 20 mg 24 Sachets

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  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • SoyFree
  • Vegetarian

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A child's microflora development begins at birth; the development of the microflora impacts the immune system, digestive function, hormone function, mood, and even cognition. Children are highly susceptible to catching unwanted bugs! As a parent, you want to protect your child's immunity and keep their gut health strong. Now, there is an easy and fun way with AOR LavaRox Immuno-Biotic!

AOR LavaRox Immuno-Biotic is a multi-strain probiotic delivered in candy-like granules that give off a fizzy sensation. The probiotic is formulated from two human probiotic strains with a lot of clinical research and safety behind them, and the strains are Lacotbacillis acidophilis and Bifidobacterium lactis. Lactobacillis acidophilis and Bifidobacterium lactis are specific human strains that generally reside in our gut; they are known as commensal bacteria. Combined, they promote a healthy microflora and/ immune function by inhibiting the overgrowth of harmful bacteria (such as E.coli and those causing oral infections) and preventing constipation.

Your children will love AOR LavaRox! Like popping rock candy, LavaRox is innovative and fun! A delicious natural cherry flavor made without artificial sweeteners. LavaRox is made from xylitol and isomalt to prevent tooth decay and excessive spikes in blood sugar.

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