Alterra NeurOmega Omega Fish Oil-Orange (150 ml)

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HerbaSanté is a Canadian family-owned, family-run business that was established in 1984 in Montreal, Canada. HerbaSanté strives to help Canadians improve their quality of life by treating and preventing various ailments naturally and holistically. HerbaSanté and Alterra by HerbaSanté deliver a range of top-tier, scientifically-based health and wellness products that are reliable and effective! Products are almost entirely manufactured in Canada and exceed good manufacturing practices. HerbaSanté products are sold in health food stores, holistic clinics, and pharmacies across Canada. 

Alterra NeurOmega (2750 mg DHA) Fish Oil is made from fish oil and contains DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid), a major constituent of the brain. Our brains need DHA for the development and upkeep of brain function. DHA is also crucial for the eyes and the nervous system. Taking an Omega-3 fatty acid daily has numerous health benefits for both brain and heart function (depending on the essential fatty acid source and concentration.)

Alterra NeurOmega (2750 mg DHA) Fish is formulated with 2,750 mg of DHA fish oil from molecularly distilled mackerel, sardine, and anchovy oil. The formula also contains cold-pressed thyme oil and vitamin E. It has a pleasant natural orange flavor.

Ingredients for Orange flavored NeurOmega: Each full teaspoon contains- 250 mg EPA, 2,750 mg DHA, Molecularly distilled mackerel, sardine, and anchovy oil, cold-pressed thyme oil, Vitamin E, natural orange flavor, Stevia rebaudiana leaf

Dosage: Children 1 to 13 years old: Take ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) daily with a meal, Children 14 to 18 years old: Take ¾ teaspoon (3.75 ml) daily with a meal, Adults: Take 1 full teaspoon (5 ml) daily with a meal

Store Alterra fish oil in a cool and dark area.

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