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Performa Perfect Shaker Cup Marvel Collection - Hulk 800 ML

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A revolutionary design, Performa Perfect Shaker Cups are made with ergonomic flip caps and a tapered spout. The perfect shaker to mix proteins, supplements, smoothies, and shakes! These cups are even great for mixing batters, sauces, and gravies. Made to be 100% leak-free, is BPA-free, and is dishwasher safe.

  • Green and purple design that features Hulk design 
  • 28 oz capacity
  • Measurements read up to 20 oz 
  • A revolutionary design that is leak-free guaranteed
  • Stay-open flip cap, extra-wide tapered spout
  • Made with Duraplex Shatter-Resistant Plastic that is BPA-Free
  • Perfect Shaker Cup is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Cup design is made with Extralast Ink and will withstand washing
  • Ideal for shakes, smoothies, and supplement beverages
  • Made with Actionrod Technology – Performa’s patented shaker agitation element – that optimizes fluid dynamics for the ultimate beverage mixing
  • Mix, pour and store all in the same container

Performa Perfect Shaker Cup a shaker cup even superheroes would approve. A green and purple shaker cup that features a Hulk design. A high-quality cup this super durable, sure to withstand a Hulk smash during your busy active days!  

Performa Perfect Shaker Cups are made with Actionrod technology, a patented shaker agitation element that is scientifically developed using the laws of motion. Performa Perfect Shaker Cups are manufactured with a rod and agitator that combine and form a high-performance piston when shaking. This system ensures a high momentum impact for an accelerated mix. Actionrod technology results in instant emulsification giving you a perfectly blended drink every time! The perfect shaker to mix your favorite proteins, supplements, smoothies, and shakes. Performa can even perfectly blend batters, sauces, and gravies. No matter how you use Performa Perfect Shaker Cups, they are guaranteed leakproof.

Performa Perfect Shaker Cups are designed to last and will withstand the test of time. Made from Duraplex Shatter-Resistant Plastic that is BPA-Free. Performa Shaker Cups feature an ergonomic flip cap and wide tapered spout that is guaranteed leakproof. Finally, a shaker cup that can handle the wear and tear accompanying an active lifestyle.

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