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Pascoe BASENTABS pH-balance Pascoe 200s

Contains the highest acid-binding capacity on the market.

Our day-to-day lives include many factors which increase chronic acidity in the body including poor diet, stress, and lack of exercise. Conditions ranging from fatigue to joint pain to osteoporosis have a link to acids in the connective tissue. These acids require a product with strong alkalinzing capacity such as BASENTABS - diet alone cannot correct this long-term inbalance.

4 tablets of BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE is equivalent to 3lbs of carrots or a whole container of spinach in terms of acid-binding capacity.

BASENTABS has the only balanced formula of bicarbonate minerals (calcium/magnesium and sodium/potassium) to promote alkalinizing without becoming inbalanced in one mineral alone.

BASENTABS is also the only product with zinc, an important cofactor for helping the body get rid of acids.

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