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Julian Whitaker Vision Essentials

What to expect from this product:
• Promote clear vision
• Improve night vision
• Protect your macula
• Protect your lenses

There's never been a better time or an easier way to start taking care of your eyes!

Eyes need specialized nutrition because the delicate tissues are continually exposed to light, resulting in free radical and radiation damage. Dr. Whitaker developed the targeted Vision Essentials formula to nourish the eyes continuously, and to provide proactive support for long-term sharp sight. Based on compelling new research Dr. Whitaker has increased the amounts of bilberry and lutein – two of the most important eye-protecting nutrients.

Dr. Whitaker's advanced Vision Essentials gives you:

  • Five times more bilberry than most other formulas, for a noticeable difference in your night vision.
  • More than double the protective benefits of lutein compared to other formulas.
  • Plus 17 other eye-supporting nutrients that boost your vision!

Scientifically Proven Support

The two key ingredients in Dr. Whitaker's advanced Vision Essentials are Bilberry and Lutein.

Clinical trials using bilberry have shown that it is very effective for improving night vision and soothing tired eyes. For example, in one study using a high dose of purified bilberry anthocyanidins, significant improvements in contrast sensitivity, night vision and eye fatigue symptoms in near-sighted individuals were seen after just 4 weeks of supplementation.1 Other studies have shown similar results, suggesting that bilberry extracts can be very beneficial for the support of vision health.2

Lutein absorbs the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that enters your eyes from sunlight and promotes the health of the macula. Research has consistently shown that lutein, along with another similar nutrient called zeaxanthin, are highly effective for protecting the eyes from damage and disease. Studies have shown that people with higher levels of lutein and zeaxanthin in their diet have a significantly lower risk of developing eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.3 Furthermore, supplementation with lutein has been shown to help improve vision in patients with macular degeneration, cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that eventually causes blindness.4,5

The other ingredients in Vision Essentials provide additional support for healthy eyes. For example, Vision Essentials includes carrot powder, which provides vitamin A, an essential vitamin for good vision. Lycopene, from tomatoes, is a carotenoid that is similar to lutein, and is also important for supporting eye health. It has been shown that patients with eye disease like glaucoma have low levels of lycopene.6 Finally, herbs like schisandra, eyebright and gingko also support and protect vision. Gingko, for example, has been shown to improve circulation, and has been shown to improve vision in patients with macular degeneration, and may also be beneficial for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.7

Overall, the combination of ingredients in Vision Essentials will go a long way toward helping you enjoy clear, healthy vision as you age.

How Vision Essentials is helping real people just like you…

“In 1993, I started taking Dr. Whitaker's recommended nutrients for the eyes, and more recently have been taking Vision Essentials. I play golf… read a new book about every week or so, and am simply enjoying life here in Florida.” – Doris G., Florida

“At age 72 [my husband] still does consulting, and driving is a part of his life – it would have been difficult for him to give it up just because of his eyes. Since he's been taking Vision Essentials, the doctor says he's fine, and to check back in a year. He takes it religiously, and is doing remarkably well – his vision is stable. He feels much more at ease with driving now… and we've recommended Vision Essentials to many people.” – Anna M., Illinois

“[With Dr. Whitaker's program, including Vision Essentials] I can almost read now without glasses. I look out my window at the foot of this beautiful mountain, and I see it as clear as a bell now … I swear by this program – I'd recommend it to anyone…” – Wilma E., New York

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