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Genesis Today Goji 100 (946ml)

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Healthy immune system function*
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Genesis Today Goji100 is the World's first 100% pure, undiluted, unadulterated, unsweetened, Goji juice containing all five known Lycium Barbarum Glycoconjugate Polysaccharides LbGp 1-5!

Contains 30,000 mg of pure GOJI in each 1 oz serving!

Health & Competitive Advantages of Goji100:

Goji supports:

* Healthy immune system function* * Healthy mood (Known for thousands of years as "The Happy Berry")* * Healthy libido* * Healthy aging* * Healthy energy levels and resistance to fatigue* * Healthy blood pressure, cholesterol & homocysteine levels (Supporting all around cardiovascular health)* * Healthy endocrine function* * Healthy liver function* * Healthy eyes* * and more...

Goji100 juice contains the following naturally occurring organic elements:

* Contains LbGp1,LbGp2,LbGp3,LbGp4,& LbGp5(Lycium Barbarum Glycoconjugate Polysaccharides 1-5) A.K.A. LBPX * Rich in naturally occurring Amino acids * Contains 21 trace minerals, including germanium, a rarity in foods * Contains a full range of naturally occurring carotenoids including Beta-Carotene & Zeaxanthin * Contains Vitamin C & B-Vitamins * Contains Vitamin E, very rarely found in fruits * Contains Solavetivone * Contains Betaine, which supports healthy homocysteine levels and healthy liver function*

The five LbGp's are the most researched compounds found in Goji berries and Goji juice.

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