Wobenzym Wobenzym Plus 240 enteric coated tabs

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The strongest Wobenzym ever: natural and well tolerated. Find out everything about the contents, use and dosage.

Muscle and joint pain due to wear or overloading reduce the sufferer's quality of life, sometimes severely, and are quite often associated with protracted or even chronic symptoms.

Wobenzym‚ plus accelerates the healing of inflammatory injuries such as activated arthrosis, vein inflammations or post-traumatic swellings. The enzyme combination in Wobenzym‚ plus reduces swellings and regulates inflammations, thereby also relieving pain.

An important factor contributing to the efficacy of Wobenzym‚ plus is the enzymatic activity. The combination of plant and animal enzymes makes this particularly high with Wobenzym plus: With 1,215 F.I.P. units per tablet (measure of enzymatic activity) Wobenzym‚ plus is the strongest Wobenzym ever produced! The active ingredient rutoside sourced from the Japanese pagoda tree promotes blood flow and also reduces swelling.

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