Sunwarrior Blend Vanilla 750G

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What are the benefits of Sunwarrior Blend Vanilla?

The Vanilla Sun Warrior blend is a plant-based protein that helps boost fitness levels. Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeps you full
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps muscle function

Sunwarrior vanilla has no GMOs, preservatives or artificial colors. Sunwarrior vanilla vegan protein is also made up of pea proteins which maintains a healthy heart. It helps to lower high blood pressure and reduce inflammation.
If you’ve already tried the Sunwarrior vegan vanilla protein powder, try out some of their other flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Berry
  • Mocha

Are there side effects with Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein?

Some Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein reviews have said the powder can cause diarrhea, bloating and stomach aches.

How do I use Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder?

Blend 1 scoop of Sunwarrior vanilla protein with your favourite drink.


Proprietary Protein Blend (Raw Organic Pea Protein, Raw Cranberry Protein, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Protein) Organic Vanilla Extract Natural Fibers (Fenugreek, Konjac) Stevia Ancient Sea Salt Medium Chain Triglycerides from Coconut Herbal (Tea Leaf) Extract Natural Citrus Extract Organic Cinnamon Extract

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