Prairie Naturals Keto Strips 100ct

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When following a ketogenic diet, the goal is to achieve ketosis. The metabolic state of ketosis is when the body begins to burn fat for fuel in place of glucose. When your body is in the state of ketosis your body begins to make ketones. Prairie Naturals keto strips are thin paper strips that detect the level of ketones in the urine.

To ensure quality and accuracy, do not remove desiccant. Promptly replace the cap once removing a strip for use. Keep away from light and moisture best stored in a cool and dry place. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Discard after the expiration date.

Ingredients: Sodium nitroprusside 7.8%W/W

Directions: Firmly hold end farthest away from the test pad. Place test pad through urine stream. Results within 40 seconds. Match the test pad to the colour chart shown on the label. The darker your result the higher your level of ketosis. Results accurate for 60 seconds.

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