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Patch Bamboo Bandages are the ideal adhesive bandage for minor cuts and abrasions. Patch Natural is designed to be simple, natural, and effective. These wound coverings are perfect for those looking for a simple and eco-friendly option. Free of known irritants, toxins, and plastics these adhesive bandages are made from 100% organic bamboo fiber. Patch strips are made with organic bamboo fiber. The adhesive used is gentle and safe, made from organic bamboo fiber, natural minerals and Nanotechnology. The bandage contours and adheres to skin without causing any reactions. Patch Bamboo Bandages are hypoallergenic, free of latex, plastics and irritating chemicals, the perfect bandage for even the most sensitive skin types.

These bandages are for anyone looking for a natural, convenient, effective alternative to common adhesive bandages. Patch takes pride in using natural and sustainable resources that are historically proven to soothe symptoms while promoting natural wound recovery for all skin types. Patch Bamboo Bandages are compostable and biodegradable.

25 Bandages per container. Single-use only. Sterile unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged. Store in a cool dry place. If irritation occurs, please consult your medical professional. 

Directions: Clean and dry the area. Apply a Patch strip bandage, then change daily or as needed to ensure a speedy recovery. 

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