Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drops (50 ml)

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Lymphdiaral benefits:

The benefits of using Lymphdiaral drops include:

  • Alleviating chronic swelling
  • Relieving chronic inflammation
  • Relieving allergies, skin disorders and headaches
  • Alleviating symptoms such as runny nose, ear and throat infections in children

Lymphdiaral drops side effects:

Although rare, some patients may experience hypersensitivity to the preparation of Echinacea

Recommended Use:

Adults and children over 12 years of age should take 10-30 drops 1-3 times daily. Children 6-12 years of age should take 5-15 drops 1-3 times daily. Children 0-11 months of age should take 1-5 drops 1-3 times daily.


100 g (= 105 ml) contains:

Taraxacum 8.0g
Calendula 4.5g
Arsenicum album 8X 1.0g
Chelidonium 8X 0.5g
Leptandra 0.3g
Echinacea 3X 0.3g
Phytolacca 2X 0.2g
Carduus marianus 1X 0.2g
Condurango 2X 0.1g
Hydrastis 0.1g
Lycopodium 2X 0.1g
Sanguinaria 8X 0.1g
Contains 39% vol. alcohol.

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