MegaFood Kids Daily Multi Nutrient Booster 50g (Immune)

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MegaFood Kid's Daily Multi Nutrient Booster Powder has been formulated with growing kids in mind.

The unique combination of FoodState Vitamins, Minerals, farm-fresh fruits and turmeric provide a balanced nutritional support.

Simply mix Kid's Daily Multi Nutrient Booster Powder with your favorite juice or smoothie, sip, and enjoy! 


There’s a lot to love about Megafood supplements. MegaFood multivitamins are fresh from farm, made from real food plus added nutrients.

Formulated with farm fresh ingredients and added nutrients, they deliver optimal nutrition and support an overall sense of wellbeing.

You’ll love the way real feels.

MegaFood provides natural solutions from gender-specific multivitamins to condition-specific support, stress and sleep to digestive health.

MegaFood multivitamins are also Non-GMO, vegetarian and organic.

MegaFood products include One Daily Multivitamins, Blood Builder, MegoFlora, Vegan B12, Adrenal Strength and more!

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