Innovite Health UV Protect - Nutroxsun 100mg 30 capsules

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"BACK THE BLOCK UP: Protect your skin from within
73% of sunscreens dont work & contain worrisome ingredients
- Environmental Working Groups annual sunscreen rating the safety & efficacy of 1,400+ products
Sometimes the truth burns. Traditional sun care cannot provide complete UV protection.
Inconsistent application, in insufficient amounts. Dilution from perspiration, rubbing and swimming.
Feel sticky and greasy? No wonder sun care isnt top of mind. And IF applied correctly, vitamin D synthesis is impacted.

UV Protect is clinically proven to:
increase skin UV response by 30%
reduce wrinkle depth 15%
increase skin elasticity by 9%
Powered by NutroxSunž, the patented Spanish Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts have extremely rich antioxidants profiles. This provides triple-action photoprotection where traditional sun care products cant and where it matters most: inside your skin. UV Protect strengthens cellular walls against oxidative damage and protects DNA within cells. PLUS it arms skin cells with potent anti-inflammatory properties. Protect skin PLUS make it look more youthful with the additional benefit of decreasing wrinkles and skin tightening."

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