INIKA Certified Organic Brow Pencil - Blonde Bombshell

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Product Name –

INIKA Cert Org Brow Pncl B Bombshell

Product Ingredients –    

Certified Organic Coconut Oil,Blonde Bombshell, Brunette Beauty,Dark Brunette

Usage & Instructions –

1. Starting at the inner corner of the eyebrow, closest to the bridge of your nose, use short dash-like upwards movements to fill in any spaces or sparse areas. 

2. Build up as needed.

3. Use a spoolie or brow brush to comb through and finish off.

Sharpen with the INIKA Sharpener as needed

Tips & Tricks –

  • Soft texture effortlessly glides over the eyebrows.
  • Offers grooming alongside extreme colour precision with no waxy residue.
  • Certified Organic plant-based ingredients nourish and soften eyebrows.

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