Genestra Brands Berry DHA 225ml

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296 mg EPA and 600 mg DHA per serving size
Helps support cognitive health and/or brain function(1)
Helps support the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children up to 12 years of age(2)
Sourced from sardine and anchovy
NEO-3™ natural EPA and DHA enrichment
Emulsified for enhanced absorption and improved taste
WisDOM-3™ proprietary emulsification process is proven in human clinical trials to double omega-3 fatty acids bioavailability
WisDOM-3™ also improves overall taste and increases patient compliance
With added vitamins and anthocyanins
Includes vitamin C
Anthocyanins from a blend of black currant, elderberry, blueberry, chokeberry and apple
Convenient, great-tasting liquid format
Fruit-flavoured base of orange, mango, banana and pineapple purees increases patient compliance

1 NHPD Monograh on Fish Oil July 2012
2 NHPD Monograh on Fish Oil July 2012

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