Bentodent Toothpaste | Premium Mint & Cardamom Pack (10g)

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Bentodent Bentonite Clay with Cardamom Toothpaste

Bentonite Clay with Cardamom for Stronger Teeth

Bentonite Clay Toothpaste with Cardamom by Bentodent is a toothpaste used for daily oral detoxing. Bentodent has incorporated bentonite clay with cardamom ingredients in a formula free of fluoride, glycerine, gluten, foam agents, artificial colors and is herbal and vegan friendly. Cardamom is known for the ability to eliminate bacteria that causes bad breath due to its anti-microbial properties. Cardamom is an exotic spice grown in India with a great taste and is commonly used as an oral mouth fresher. Bentonite Clay also makes as a great mouth wash as well from its ability to absorb toxins and neutralizing bad bacteria. Interesting fact about bentonite is that it does not need foaming agents to still be effective with cleaning. Bentonite Clay attaches to heavy metals and toxins around your gums and teeth and removes them.

Fluoride Free Organic Toothpaste

Bentonite Clay with Cardamom by Bentodent is a natural toothpaste that gently cleans bacteria in your mouth, without harming your enamel. Bentonite Clay with Cardamom toothpaste also contains tea tree essential oil to aid in fresh breath for longer periods of time. It is safe for all ages, even safe for kids. Parents do not need to worry about their child swallowing bentodent toothpaste as it is harmless and made with organic ingredients. This toothpaste does not contain any laurel sulfate, fluoride. Bentodent toothpaste can also be used while on homeopathic medicine and gives off a cooling sensation while stimulating saliva sensation.

Recommended Use: A natural toothpaste for your daily oral detox.

Natural and Safe Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Bentonite Earth, Salt, Purified Plant based Stevia extract, Menthol, Tea tree Oil, Essential oil Cardamom

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