BeeKeepers Naturals - Bee Propolis Throat Spray for Kids - 30ml

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BeeKeepers Naturals - Bee Propolis Throat Spray for Kids is well known for its preventing runny noses and scratchy throats from slowing down your little ones.

With antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey and propolis, this gentle, kid-friendly duo is naturally tough on germs, but also super soothing on scratchy throats.

Directly from the Bee hive, propolis is already a powerful supporter of immunity in its own right. (It is actually used to protect baby bees from germs in the hive nursery!)

We wanted to make an extra gentle kids immune formula that really nourishes our little ones, so we added in nutrient-dense buckwheat honey. Soothing on tender scratchy throats, buckwheat honey delivers an especially hefty dose of beneficial antioxidants to support healthy healing.

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