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Bach Flower Aspen Benefits:

Bach flower remedies Aspen is a remedy for any unnamed fears a person might have. The fears that Bach Flower Aspen treats range from a sense of foreboding to real unnamed terror with physical symptoms, like the patient’s hair standing on end, or full-blown anxiety attacks. Symptoms of Aspen may include headaches, haunted look, eyestrain, sweating, trembling, fainting, and sleepwalking/talking. Bach Flower Aspen aims to eradicate those unnamed fears, leaving the patient more willing to recognize the positive side of things.

How to take bach flower remedies:

For short term problems, squeeze 2 drops of selected remedy into a glass of water, and sip as often as required until relief is felt. For chronic problems, create a personalized mixture of bach flower remedies in a 30ml bottle, and squeeze 4 drops into a glass of still water, taken 4 times daily.
Patients can also take the remedy direct to the tongue, without diluting them. Simply squeeze 2 drops directly on the tongue. However, this is the most expensive way and tastes strongly like brandy, thus it is not strongly recommended.

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