AOR UTI Cleanse with Cranberry 110 g

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  • Helps fight off acute UTIs
  • Helps prevent UTI recurrence
  • Prevents bacteria from binding to the urinary tract
  • Safe and effective relief without the side-effects of antibiotics

Urinary Tract Infections
Most urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by a strain of E. coli which attach to and invade cells in the bladder. When bladder cells are shed, the bacteria can escape and infect new cells, creating a nasty cycle of recurring infections. The first and most crucial step of infection is the adherence of the bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract. E. coli have arm-like extensions with sticky ends that they use to latch onto their target cell. If the bacteria cannot adhere to cells, they cannot cause an infection.
A Synergistic Combination
D-Mannose is a simple carbohydrate that is found on cell walls. UTIcausing bacteria recognize and latch on to D-mannose, which then allows them to infect the cell. Supplemental D-Mannose acts as a molecular decoy to prevent bacteria from attaching to and infecting bladder cells. Cranberry extract, on the other hand acts by acidifying the urine and also by reducing bacterial adhesion to the urinary tract wall. Together, D-mannose and cranberry provide a superior solution for the prevention and treatment of UTIs.
A Simple Solution
Most UTIs are treated with antibiotics, which have negative side effects and the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. D-mannose and cranberry extract provide a natural, simple solution with no known side effects.

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