AOR R-Lipoic Acid 90 Veg-Caps

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  • Ashwagandha supercharged with beet-inspired nutrients
  • Improves your stress response
  • An energizing and rejuvenating formula
  • Maximum effectiveness at a lower dose

Taking nitrate containing supplements can be a very effective way to harness the health-boosting powers of foods like beetroot; this premise forms the basis of the NOx 3,2,1 family of products. These products combine nitrates with proven, synergistic ingredients tailored to a variety of health problems including heart health, stress, inflammation, immunity and bone health.

RejuveNOx Combat Stress with NOx3,2,1 Technology * RejuveNOx combines nitrates with Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) to help reduce stress and anxiety * NO increases blood flow to the brain, lowers blood pressure and improves oxygen delivery to the whole body. These actions help to reduce stress. * The body naturally produces more NO when it is relaxed, so increasing NO can help to create a more relaxed state throughout the body * NO can help to reduce the damaging effects of excess cortisol and other stress hormones * Ashwagandha also helps to increase NO in the body as well as having other stress reducing effects

Features Dietary nitrates have been shown to reduce systolic blood pressure by as much as 10mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 8mmHg!

Consumption of nitrates by cyclists performing strenuous exercise resulted in a 20% reduction in oxygen requirements and improved endurance.

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